The Target and Plan


Before February 28, 2014 there will be a functioning Free Commot in my precinct.


  1. Gain contact information for the precinct officers of my voting precinct, and legislative officers of my legislative district for as many political parties that are represented in my district as I can.
    1. These are the only Parties that have information about their caucuses submitted to the Lt. Governor’s office for my precinct.
      1. Democrat Party
      2. Republican Party
      3. Constitution Party
    2. The Constitution Party caucus meeting is at the same time as the Republican Caucus meeting, so I am contacting the County Chair for information about the precinct officers.
    3. There is apparently only State involvement for the Libertarian Party so I will contact the State Party Chair for more information about precinct officers.
  2. Contact each precinct chair individually either by email.  If email is unsuccessful in getting a response, by phone; if phone is unsuccessful, by mail.
  3. Plan and hold a meeting to begin to create a founding charter in our precinct for a Free Commot.
    1. Before the meeting I will have an agenda of what I want to present and have a draft charter containing my suggestions for what the organization should look like and how it should function.
    2. I will ask a representative from the precinct officers for each party to take part in the organizing meeting.
    3. I will also invite religious leaders from any religions represented in my precinct.
      1. There are at least five LDS bishops who have (or could have) members in my voting precinct.
        1. There are three traditional wards
        2. In addition there are two special units: one for Spanish speaking members, and one for un-married members
      2. There is one local Catholic parish
      3. There is one local Orthodox parish
      4. There are two nearby Baptist congregations
      5. There is one local Presbyterian congregation
      6. There is one local Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall
      7. There is one local Jewish synagogue
      8. The most local Islamic Mosque I could find is in Sandy UT, which is about 30 minutes away, but I will still contact them
    4. I will find a venue depending on the response from those I invite.

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