Principles & Values

This is my personal statement of Principles and Values.

As Free Commots develops I expect that a statement that applies to people of many different backgrounds will emerge.

I do my best to make my personal statement of Principles and Values something adjusts according to the truths and lessons I learn through life.  I expect that it will both affect and be affected by the creation of a Statement of Principles and Values for the Free Commots.

Statement of Principles & Values

Principles vs. Values

  • Principles are true ideas expressed in complete statements — descriptions of the natural laws by which God governs the universe.
  • Values are personal attributes which I consider to have worth


  1. I am, that I might have joy.
  2. God is.
  3. God governs the universe through natural laws and true principles.
  4. God’s purpose (his work and glory) is bringing about the immortality and eternal life of his children.
  5. Honest and productive exchange builds relationships.
  6. Relationships define true prosperity and wealth.
  7. True Prosperity and wealth is the natural result of acting to achieve God’s work and glory on behalf of all of His children; and is only obtained for one individual or group of individuals by furthering the eternal happiness of other individuals.
  8. Right and wrong, righteousness and wickedness, are defined by truth and virtue, falsehood and vice (not by majority vote, might of resources, physical strength, force of argument, extent of experience, history of tradition, or skill in rationalization).
  9. Wickedness is not happiness.
  10. The privilege of individual freedom comes with the responsibility of stewardship.
  11. Freedom is the result of true faith and trust.
  12. Force is the absence of true faith and trust.
  13. Individual actions reflect individual values
  14. In creating value for (serving) others, we create value for (serve) God.
  15. Contention is counterproductive to virtue.


  1. Honesty and Trust
    • Trust is impossible without Honesty. Trust is essential to building relationships.
  2. Integrity
    • It is essential that other people are able to trust that how you act reflects what you say you value.
  3. Virtue
    • Virtue is directing your thoughts and feelings in such a way that your actions and and the way you live your life promote God’s work and glory
      • Private Virtue is that which leads to your own eternal salvation
      • Public Virtue is that which leads to the eternal salvation of others
  4. Charity
    • Charity is the pure love of Christ
  5. Courage
    • Courage is being afraid and pursuing virtue anyway
  6. Faith/Hope/Optimism
    • Faith is confidence, leading to action, in the principles by which God governs.
  7. Divine nature and Individual worth
    • You are a child of Heavenly Father who loves you and has a unique mission for you to accomplish
  8. Knowledge/Wisdom/Education
    • The purpose of education is personal improvement
  9. Choice and Accountability
    • You are responsible for what happens to you in your life
  10. Good Works
    • True happiness comes from giving your heart, might, mind, and strength to accomplishing the work of the Lord.
  11. Prosperity

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