Mission and Vision

Please note that this is my vision for the Free Commots and my concept of what the mission of the Free Commots should be, and I take ownership of that fact.  I have no expectations that anyone else adopt these as their own.  This is, however, intended to be a living document, open to change to persuade others to also take ownership of the mission and vision, without compromising on the essential nature of what I want to do.

I present here what I would like to see, but I would very much like feedback and comments on how it could be improved to gain your agreement and support.

Mission of the Free Commots

To encourage and support the self-sustaining family through community togetherness, the adoption and teaching of true principles of natural law, and involvement in the political process.

Vision of the Free Commots

An Organic Societal Revolution.  A community building organization which gives neighbors and friends a way to interact and have a positive impact based on mutual interests – supporting each other in providing for the needs and wants of their families, while helping and serving so others can do the same.


One thought on “Mission and Vision

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