I’ve been doing it wrong

I’ve seen this video many times before, but I don’t think I understood it before, and I probably don’t fully understand it now, but I am changing my approach to how I do things because of watching it today.

I’m a detailed person and how I normally explain things is by explaining how I got to my conclusions – and normally get less enthusiasm for my conclusions than I hope … much less.

I should be explaining what I was trying to find out – Why I wanted to know.  Then explain what I found out.


Culture and Cognitive Dissonance | Orrin Woodward Leadership

When you believe you are called to build communities and the most successful person you know at building communities of people writes something profound about it, you would be foolish if you fail to re-blog it.

There is nothing more important, its proper implementation determining the destiny of nations, companies, charities, and families, than the creation of culture. Culture, a system of beliefs, values…

Source: Culture and Cognitive Dissonance | Orrin Woodward Leadership

Soccer Guys and Humble Pie

What inspiration.

Letters to Lindsey

Have you ever made a mistake in parenting?

Long before he could write, my son Nate loved soccer. If he wasn’t playing soccer, he was

81Tn4mGp+dL._SL1500_watching soccer (or begging to watch soccer as shown by the Post-It notes below). If he wasn’t playing or watching, he was using his “Soccer Guys” to act out field formations that would eventually end up with a “GOOOOAAAAAAALL!” Walking close by his imaginary play, you would usually hear his little 5-yr-old voice narrating the play in a British accent!


The play in his mind translated well to play on the field. According to the local coach, Image-1 2he was “above” the recreational league for 5-yr-olds and should really come try out for the competitive league. The problem was that the youngest travel league was for 8 and 9-yr-olds. Nate didn’t seem to think that was an obstacle. He began showing his magnificent obsession on the field of giants!…

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LIFE Leadership Pyramid Scheme? | Orrin Woodward: Life Leadership

Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Orrin Woodward and the Policy Council of the TEAM and LIFE Leadership are the consummate servant leaders.  They are constantly seeking to serve those whom they lead.

LIFE Leadership is a process by which communities of people who seek to serve each other are built.  The ultimate pyramid scheme is the corporate structure.  My day job is in a corporate setting as well, but I am fortunate enough to be employed by a corporation that listens to and seeks to help everybody down the line and streamlines the “pyramid” more than most, but I still laugh at the image at the top of this blog post:

LIFE Leadership Pyramid Scheme? | Orrin Woodward: Life Leadership.