The Problem of Poverty

Some time ago I read “The Problem of Pain” by C.S. Lewis. It led me to quite a bit of introspection and contemplation, which resulted in me publishing a blog post on my personal blog.  This post is a revisit to the idea.

While “The Problem of Pain” by C.S. Lewis doesn’t exactly say these words, one of the concepts that I gained from reading it is Continue reading

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I’ve been doing it wrong

I’ve seen this video many times before, but I don’t think I understood it before, and I probably don’t fully understand it now, but I am changing my approach to how I do things because of watching it today.

I’m a detailed person and how I normally explain things is by explaining how I got to my conclusions – and normally get less enthusiasm for my conclusions than I hope … much less.

I should be explaining what I was trying to find out – Why I wanted to know.  Then explain what I found out.

Culture and Cognitive Dissonance | Orrin Woodward Leadership

When you believe you are called to build communities and the most successful person you know at building communities of people writes something profound about it, you would be foolish if you fail to re-blog it.

There is nothing more important, its proper implementation determining the destiny of nations, companies, charities, and families, than the creation of culture. Culture, a system of beliefs, values…

Source: Culture and Cognitive Dissonance | Orrin Woodward Leadership