The Importance of Both the Rule of Law and Freedom – Introduction


I often find myself with what seems to be a contradiction in my mind.  I know that contradictions don’t actually exist, there is only a premise in my mind that is leading me to see something as a contradiction.  Whether people realize it or not, this happens to everybody, and resolving these contradictions (or identifying the false premise) is one of the many ways we learn.  Too often people want to take the “easy” way out and identify the premise which requires the individual to change, instead of the false premise.

For me, the most difficult contradictions are when two deeply held values appear to come into conflict, like for me and the topic of this post: Rule of Law/Authority vs. Freedom.  I think it’s important to consider that neither of these values of mine are my ultimate goal.  They are both important means of achieving it.  My ultimate goal is to be as completely happy as I possibly can for the longest time possible (eternity).  In other words, my ultimate goal is to develop my character, and correct my mistakes, and ultimately accepting the atonement of Jesus Christ in my life, so as to be able to receive eternal happiness.

Through my life I have come to know the importance that both the rule of law, and freedom have in influencing on my long term (eternal) happiness.  In the next few posts, I hope to adequately explain what I mean.

Part 1

Part 2