Qualifications to give Negative Feedback

It has been my observation recently, that in today’s society everybody is perhaps a little too eager to give negative feedback, and perhaps a little too reluctant to give positive feedback.  I am one of the principle perpetrators of this problem, so I don’t wish to claim any moral authority on the matter, but I know that I am not alone, because I receive my fair share of negative feedback.

We all have no problem noticing and then pointing out when someone else makes a mistake.  So when I was attending a seminar put on by LIFE Leadership, and the following came to my mind in the middle of an extremely inspiring talk, I wrote it down.

The Qualifications to give negative feedback:

You only really help someone by pointing out flaws, errors, character flaws, etc. when the following conditions are all met:

  1. You have their permission to point it out … AND…
  2. You are ready, willing, and able to help them work on fixing the defect in question … AND…
  3. You are either:
    1. Free from the defect in question … OR …
    2. You meet all three of the following:
      1. You are being coached and/or mentored by someone with demonstrable evidence of overcoming the defect in question
      2. You are actively working on overcoming the defect in question
      3. They are aware of both of these.