Author Chris Brady’s Blog: Personal Management

As I continue to grow personally, and try to share that effort with other people, I am continuously amazed at the different level of personal commitment to excellence everybody I meet has.

I am no rock-star of personal management, having never developed my own personal management style.  But it is something that I aspire to develop.  I want to have a successful life, and not just in terms of financial or material success.  I want to improve my life in all 8 of LIFE Leadership’s 8 F Categories.

Chris Brady is a shining example of someone with tremendous personal management skills – and like the old adage goes, when you hang out with dogs you get fleas.  Having met him personally several times and seeing the results that he has in his life in all the 8 F categories, I want to catch his fleas.  Reading his blog is one of the ways that I do this. An excerpt from the blog article below articulates what I see – mostly in myself, but also in epidemic proportions with those with whom I interact:

People sometimes avoid the terms ‘discipline’ and ‘accountability’ and ‘stewardship’ and similar topics because they don’t like putting themselves under pressure. But one of the paradoxes of life is that we are the happiest when under pressure, especially when that pressure is the healthy, self-applied variety.

If you feel you need to apply the happiness causing pressure, this article helps in that pursuit.

Personal Management

Author Chris Brady’s Blog: Personal Management