Orrin Woodward Sets New Guinness Record

The story behind the record tells a lot about the leadership involved.

LIFE and Leadership by Chris Brady

Life Leadership and Orrin Woodward

I don’t know if you’re like me, but as a kid growing up I was mesmerized with The Guinness Book of World Records. The whole concept of setting a “World Record” was fascinating, and so were those women with the really long nails or that guy who was eleven foot tall. I remember laughing at all the obscure records and categories, and wondered who would be crazy enough to do most of those things.

GuinnessThen a friend of mine (who shall, for the time being, remain anonymous. Let’s just call him some guy (spelled Sum Gui)) suggested that for a promotional idea for the release of Orrin Woodward‘s new book, And Justice for All: The Quest for Concord, that he (Orrin, not Sum Gui) should break the record for the number of books signed in one sitting. As soon as he made the…

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Personal Management – The Business of Your Life

I love the insight I gain from associating with incredible leaders.  I am seeking to become a better leader myself.  All of us, at least at one point in our lives, will be faced with an opportunity to show and apply leadership.  I have had several of these opportunities in my life and for many of them, I have felt woefully unprepared for them.  This article by Chris Brady, one of the incredible leaders with whom I have been privileged to associate, demonstrates how one can see improvement, if one manages oneself properly.  I want to apply his counsel and see the improvement.  Enjoy…

Personal Management – The Business of Your Life.

Where Do You Stand on a Constitutional Convention?

Where Do You Stand on a Constitutional Convention? (via http://oliverdemille.com)

An Invitation to Join the Current Debate Please participate in a conversation with us. Here goes: Background I received the two emails within a week of each other, and they really made me think. First of all, they made me happy. I’m so glad there…continue reading on OliverDeMille.com

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