The importance of Religious Freedom

This video is very important. Religious Freedom is one of the founding principles on which the United States government was founded. The concept that all human beings have freedom of conscience is a natural law, that cannot be removed.

It’s interesting that many of us understand that, yet within the confines of our homes and religious meetings, we sometimes feel free to criticize and belittle other religious views. All religions have truth in them. Why would we want to find the faults in them. If you believe that others would benefit from joining your religious beliefs, the most effective way to accomplish that is to first understand and relate to their religious beliefs. You will have much more success building on common beliefs than trying to build from religious beliefs you have finished tearing down.

Please watch this video and consider the things it teaches. Do some introspection, as it caused me to do, and see if there isn’t something in your behavior to other religions that could be corrected.