A Disease Called Busyness


In this blog post, Terri Brady shows us how important it is to make the things that DO count, more important than the things we CAN count.

Letters to Lindsey

Dear Lindsey,

Having lunch with my 13-yr-old last week, I asked him a question of where he wanted to be in five years. What kind of person was he aiming to become?  Did he have goals for himself?

His answer surprised me, since he said that he wanted to be more like his older brother:

“Everyone likes Casey.  My [12-yr-old] friend, Zarec, said it best: ‘The reason Casey is so much fun is because he seems like he is really having fun when he is with you!’ Most teenagers aren’t like that. I guess I want people to feel that fun from me.”

He wasn’t envying his brother, but admiring a trait he’d like to emulate. I like it when my kids think. I don’t know if he realized that his thinking convicted me, but I realized how “not fun” I live some days of my life.

The culprit?

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An Organic Societal Revolution

I have had a lot of thoughts go through my mind the last several months and I wanted to get them out of my head so I can sort through them for actual gems – keeping what has merit, and discarding the bad ideas.

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Does Government = Force, and Wealth = Freedom?

I am thoroughly enjoying reading “We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident” by Oliver DeMille. As is usually the case with non-fiction books, I don’t completely agree with everything written, but for the most part the entire book resonates deeply with me.

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