Nobody Wins

One of my favorite authors is Chris Brady.  He and his wife are two of my favorite people to listen to when they speak.  Terri Brady is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs to read.  Her perspective, like her husband’s, always uplifts me and brings me closer to truth.

Letters to Lindsey

Dear Lindsey,

“Nobody wins an argument,” may be true, but I still have to laugh at the professional soccer players. They look so cool on the field, so suavely athletic,…until that whistle blows and the theatrics begin. Following the referee and screaming at his back, do they really expect him to turn to them and say, “Well, now I see your point; I am glad you argued and brought me to my senses, so I will reverse that call in front of this crowd of hundreds of thousands of spectators, and blow the whistle on the other team instead.” Of course not! But they scream at the ref anyway.

Sibling bickering is a song that plays in the backseat of my car too often. When my younger two were four and five-years-old, they had the “did not!”, “did too!”, “did not!”, “did too!” chorus perfectly memorized for performance any time and…

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How to stop the pending aristocratic trend


Entrepreneurship (Photo credit: Michael Lewkowitz)

I read an article today that really struck a chord.  I wanted to share it and my thoughts.

The article is here:

There is a comment to this article that got my mind gears turning about something I have wanted to write about for a while.  The commenter asks the question “Why?” – which is a good question because it almost always indicates a search for truth.  Here is my response to his question: Continue reading

Government Abuse … not something for government to solve.

OK, so I subscribe to a website that lets me know about the activity of my Senators’ and US Representative’s activities.  This is an excerpt from the “Stop Government Abuse Act” (House Resolution 2879) that was introduced two days ago (July 31) and passed  yesterday (August 1st), for which I received my first notice this morning:

(a) In General- Notwithstanding any other provision of law-

(1)   [… another provision equally illogical …]

(2)   except as provided in subsection (b) Continue reading