What I Hate About Networking (And What We at LIFE Sought to Fix)

For those of you who may have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my time that has kept me from posting as regularly as is ideal, take a look at this post by best selling author Chris Brady.

This company has changed my life for the better. It has improved my marriage, and helped me to pursue my passion for building communities and provide for my family while doing it.

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LIFE and Leadership by Chris Brady

The Impetus Behind the Life Business

There is something really right about a business that allows people to get started for a relatively small amount of money, work at their own pace, be their own boss, experience the responsibilities of business ownership in an actual business endeavor without huge downside risks, have the potential for high upsides, and get the tax advantages that come with business enterprise. These attributes (and others) are what originally attracted me to the profession of networking. However, as I experienced more and more of what goes on in certain parts of this industry, I quickly realized there were several things I hated about it!

I was not alone. Along with my friends Orrin Woodward, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, and Dan Hawkins, we founded the LIFE company in an attempt to build a business to not only…

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