The Solution lies in the Roots

Tree Roots

Tree Roots (Photo credit: MJIphotos)

I don’t think it is a radical statement, or that many people will disagree with me, if I say that the United States of America is facing many difficulties and problems for which most everybody who sees them does not have a solution.

Henry David Thoreau wrote the poignant phrase:

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

As I listen to the Presidential debates, it becomes clear that this quote is as true today as when Thoreau wrote it.  Among those who consider themselves freedom fighters, and advocate eliminating all sorts of government-funded programs and departments of the Federal government, hacking at branches is also clear.  I know because I used to be a part of this group.

While I still agree with the idea of limited government, and that most departments of the Federal Government are unnecessary and threaten, if not violate, what is written in the US Constitution, I don’t agree that the course of action that must be taken is to simply get rid of all such programs and departments.  To do so would have catastrophic consequences in the short-term, and while some may conscientiously state that we reap what we sow, and that the long-term is where we should be focusing when coming up with a solution, this is small consolation and, in my opinion, an unjust rationalization for all the suffering it would cause.

No, the solution must come from the same place as the problem.  The problem is not that people who have political power have gradually over the last 50-100 years created the Leviathan like organization that is our Federal government.  The problem is that the people who are responsible for holding them accountable fell asleep on the job.

The solutions, whether coming from “Liberals,” or “Progressives,”  or from  “Conservatives,” “Tea-Partiers,” or “Libertarians;”  all amount to the same thing – a federal government solution from the top down.  One group wants a new law, or a new department, or a new government program to solve the problems.  The other wants to cut government programs, government departments, or remove laws from the books.  Either way it is the average citizens waiting for a solution from the so-called “political elites.”

When there is a disease, the lasting solution must come by eliminating the source of the problem, not administering bandages, pain killers, and other superficially oriented remedies to address symptoms.  Too often we assume the victim’s role and want to blame anybody and everybody except ourselves. If we are honest with ourselves and really take ownership of the problem, we will realize that the only lasting solution has to come from the roots, not from the branches.  The Federal Government, and the State, County, and Municipal governments are the branches.  The nature of the form of government outlined in the US Constitution is that the responsibility for government ultimately rests on the people, not on those with all the power.  The actual authority rests with us, the people. We can’t pass the buck.  We have to take responsibility for the solution, or we will find ourselves in a world of hurt.

I have recently been introduced to a business that I believe holds the answer.  It is a business that starts at the root to solve the problem by helping people develop character, strengthen their family relationships, and has developed a way to remove the financial barrier that is often used as the excuse for why people are not more involved.  This business is entitled, LIFE.  I invite you to learn more about it, and join me in beginning with myself, then working with my family to help build strong communities, which can then heal the city, county, state, and nation.