Real live Vampires?

English: Twilight Saga Español: Saga Crepúsculo

I have long been resistant to reading the very popular Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.  When I first heard about the series, it was promoted as a good example of “true love.”  After further investigation I learned that this meant that one of the main characters sacrificed and compromised his own identity because he loved another main character.  Now I’m sure that I will receive some hate mail telling me that this is not at all accurate.  Well, I read something today that has actually made me want to read this series, but not for the reasons that were touted before.

In a publicly available white paper type document, one of my mentors has written about vampires and their increasing popularity in our society.  The document is “Vampires as Aristocrats?

It demonstrates the parallels between aristocracy and the vampire movement.  I have an interest in understanding aristocracy and how to combat it, therefore I will in the near future be reading the Twilight series, and possibly watching the movies, (depending on what I learn from the books).

I continue to maintain that seeing these books as a good example of a healthy relationship is disturbing and an indication of the warped sense of the proper role of the relationship that exists between a man and a woman that has developed in our society.  However, now that I can see a purpose in studying this series and others as commentary on our society, and perhaps be able to gain some insight into how to solve the problem, I will be able to critique these books with credibility.  I will ask my wife to read them with me (to protect me from the sarcasm that I have developed for such things) and will give a full book report of each one as we finish it.  This should be interesting, hmm?