Affiliate links

Every organization and idea requires resources.  One way which blogs can generate resources is by affiliate links.

I am unwilling to become an affiliate with anything that I don’t feel comfortable endorsing.

If you find the ideas that I am writing about and my goals to be worthwhile I urge you to take a look at these products and services.  If one of them piques your interest and you find it of value, your purchase after following one of my affiliate links would help the cause of the Free Commots.

These are the companies with whom I have entered an affiliate program:

One of my favorite blogs and one that has helped my family a lot is Teaching Self-Government.  My favorite of their products are:

The Book, by Nicholeen Peck, A House United

Nicholeen Peck’s first children’s book to help teach self-government is really helpful in teaching children to follow directions:

If you would like help decorating your home with positive imaging helps, Life Manifestos are a perfect match:
Family Manifesto

Any purchase you make through my link at will support Free Commots.
My Favorites

My wife and I home-school our children.  We can always use helps in generating worksheets for them to work on:  This is a software program that helps you do that:

Last of all, but certainly not least is a website for which I have not found an affiliate program, but is an excellent resource for anyone who wants a better education for themselves or their children is