Billion Clicks

I’ve read “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen who talks about the general effect that our thought have on the outcome of our lives;  “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale who talks about how important it is to think positively and approaching projects with the assumption that you will succeed; and “The Master-Key to Riches” by Napoleon Hill who speaks about the importance of a Positive Mental Attitude.

There are many other resources that deal with the effects and importance of maintaining a positive outlook on your goals and life in general, but my wife showed me one last night that impressed me and I thought I would share:

It’s a blog called Billion Clicks.  The basic idea is that the author of the blog started keeping track of how many negative thoughts she had for a week.  When the week was up, she felt discouraged, depressed and basically struggled with negative emotions, so she had an epiphany to experiment if the opposite would also be true.  So she started counting of all of her positive thoughts, to see it would have the opposite effect.

To read her story, go to her blog.

I really liked the idea of keeping a Positive Mental Attitude.  I know that in order to be successful at what I want to do with The Free Commots, I need to also keep a positive attitude about what I’m trying to do.

To some, this may sound a little paranormal, but I assure you I am not superstitious.  Part of my religious beliefs is that there are beings that exist only on a spiritual level that are influencing our thoughts constantly.  Many of these beings who are influencing the direction that our thoughts go are destructive and want to persuade us to achieve nothing in life and die with small or negative impact on those around us.

When we seek to start an endeavor that could potentially affect millions of people, the negative thoughts are going to increase so it is important to counter that with intentionally creating positive thinking.

Another source of how to handle positive and negative thoughts is a company called 3 Key Elements.  They teach about the importance of non-verbal communication, but also teach a method of identifying and managing both the positive and negative thoughts that we have.  They have you keep two journals, one for positive and one for negative thoughts.  For negative thoughts it is not just a matter of identifying them, but also combating them by intentionally coming up with the exact opposite thought and reinforcing the first positive with another positive.  In order to get the full effect, I recommend taking their “Building a Mind of Steel” training.  It is helping me to identify and effectively squash the negative thoughts that have kept me from accomplishing things in my life.

Whether you believe in the metaphysical explanation or not, I have had many negative thought come across my mind as I have started to blog about this idea of The Free Commots.  Journaling them and countering them with powerful positive reinforcement has helped me to gain an energy and dedication about it that keeps me posting my progress and working toward success.