Getting Things Done.

I hadn’t planned on posting something so soon after my last report, but I learned something today in a training that inspired me.  It was a training on how to get things done. What I’m presenting here is inspiration from what I learned and how it applies to The Free Commots.

Every successful endeavor has 8 common steps:

  1. A Mission and Vision
    1. The first things that any successful endeavor must have are a mission and vision.  The vision is what success looks like, the vision is how the mission is accomplished.
  2. A Standard
    1. Every major initiative needs to have a standard against which to compare and measure all actions and choices as acceptable or not.  Without a standard from which to base all decisions it becomes too easy to get sidetracked and distracted.
  3. A Target
    1. A Target is a date for completion or implementation of the project.  This keeps the energy level moving the project forward.
  4. A Champion
    1. Someone needs to be the Champion of the project.  This is the person who is responsible for organizing meetings, seeking out resources, leading discussions, and holding others accountable for their commitments.
      This does not mean they are the person who makes all the decisions.  Most decisions for any voluntary association, must be made using the concepts of democracy and a republic where the representative majority make the decisions.  I know that some people on the “freedom” side of “the great conversation” dislike the concept if democracy, especially when recent events have demonstrated how a tyranny of the majority over the minority is even harder to remove than a tyranny of the one, or the few, over the many.
      However, the alternative to democracy is having either one person or a minority dictating to the rest.  It is much easier and more likely for an individual, or a minority, when they get some degree of authority, to become corrupt and to abuse that authority.When it comes down to it, all tyranny is the tyranny of individuals  being supported by enough people who are either not courageous enough, or not virtuous enough to affect change.
      While the Champion takes responsibility to drive the project, it will not succeed unless those who share the vision have “bought in” to all decisions made.  Consensus is essential for long-lasting success.  Everyone must be assigned something to do and a have a stake in bringing about success.
  5. A Plan
    1. A clear scope defining the specifics of how to move toward the target of success, and who is responsible for doing what to achieve it, is essential.
      In the case of the United States, the plan was the Constitution of the United States, which is a continuous and recurring project which repeats itself with each generation.  Each of us must decide for ourselves if, and when we have reached success.
  6. Resources
    1. The Champion (or leader) must first compile a list of resources required for success, seek to get the resources for his own assignment and then help others to do the same for their assignment.
  7. Follow up
    1. It is the responsibility of the Champion to set the schedule and follow-up regularly to keep everyone focused on the mission.
  8. Launch
    1. Implementation must happen.  One of the things with which I am currently seeking to improve is in this area.  The Champion must not get bogged down by analysis paralysis.