Week beginning March 1, 2012 update.

This past week I have been in Indiana for a work best-marking meeting, however I have not forgotten about my passion of Free Commots or the commitment to post an update every week.

I realized exactly how much I miss my family while I am away from them.  Of course it is nice to get a break from the noise and busy schedule, but that disappears after you get sick of watching inane television (has TV gotten stupider or has it always been filled with intellectual junk-food?) – which for me was last evening after unsuccessfully browsing for something worth watching on Monday night, and watching a few hours of DVDs.

It has been frustrating trying to find the precinct chair for the two major political parties for my precinct.  This is not information that is readily available, especially to people, like me who choose not to affiliate with any political party.  So there has not been a lot of progress, but a lot of effort on that front.  There is no information on their websites about how to contact your local precinct chair, or even my local legislative district chair for the party.  For wanting people to participate they sure don’t make it easy to find out how to become involved.

The minor political parties do not really have any local party leadership.  The closest for whom I could find contact information for was my county Constitution Party chair.  I will be emailing him to seek his advice and support.  I will report what response I get.

I may eventually contact the state chairmen for the other political parties that are still active, but if they don’t have enough support in my state, I don’t see that they are close enough to my community to really be instrumental in helping me to start forming non-partisan community organizations.


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