What in the world is a Free Commmot?

A community based solution for the revival of the self-sufficient family and the independent supporting community.

I got the name Free Commots from one of my all time favorite youth fiction novels, Taran Wanderer, by Lloyd Alexander.

The main character in the book, Taran, a foundling boy, goes in search of his birthright, in hopes of discovering that he has an honorable family tree.  On his quest, he gains a deeper understanding of what it means to be honorable, and he discovers his own true nobility among a collection of independent, self-supporting communities called The Free Commots.

The Free Commots were small separate communities made up of artisans and craftsman who were renown throughout the fictional land of Prydain for their expert skill.  They were also known for their independence.  They lived without owing allegiance to monarch or overlord or any central governmental institution and being governed only by something nearly unheard of in today’s culture – Self-Government.

I believe that we can start a mini-factory based on the concept of the Free Commots.

I am still trying to flesh this idea out.  It is very much in the beginning stages, so I welcome and ask for any collaboration and feedback.  If you are interested in helping me in this endeavor, please leave a comment or send me an email at spiffy3 at gmail dot com.